HEIGH10 Infotainment Feature Overview

Let’s talk about the new Wrangler JL Integrated Kit

Even more specifically, how good it looks with the included PAC integrated dash kits for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT. The 10-inch modular multimedia display system by Stinger is a full upgraded infotainment system to replace any size factory stereo.  It has a HD screen specially designed to reduce glare, even in sunlight. Driving around with the top and doors off was top-of-mind when designing the Heigh10. It can pull information directly from your vehicle and show you pitch & roll gauges, multiple temperate gauges, voltage gauge, oil pressure gauge, speed tracking data, live drivetrain information and more through the vehicle information app.

For Jeeps with equipped with automatic climate controls, we built-in a graphic representation of the HVAC system for all functions and settings. Control them all directly from your screen! The Heigh10 also integrates with the stock reverse camera and feeds into the 10” HD screen with inputs for up to 4 additional cameras. Whether you have a factory forward facing camera, or add one later with side mounted or underbody cameras, all are viewable in HD. You can even overlay the off-road information over any of the camera feeds.


The Heigh10 also retains your Jeep’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection to send/receive messages and calls, stream music and podcasts, and control your phones navigation apps without the need to touch your phone. This also includes built-in Bluetooth and a HDMI port.

For all the audio guys, we didn’t forget about you!  Heigh10 features a built in 4-channel amplifier with 50 watts of power per channel. Accompanied by a 15-band equalizer. That is a big upgrade from the 3-band equalizer on the stock Jeep radio. The Heigh10 also includes six 4-volt RCA pre-outs for aftermarket amplifiers to expand your sound system. If you want to make your Jeep the loudest on the block, well we will save that for other product highlights. Last, but not least, Stinger also offers built in navigation without the need for cell signal, which is sold separately. Best of all, this entire package sells for less than the factory radio upgrade on a new Jeep, which is over $1,800 for the 8.4” screen from Jeep. Even better, the Heigh10 can be added to any trim level.



For more information about the Heigh10, specific vehicle integration, and installation directions; head over to our YouTube page:

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