Dual 10" 2,000 Watt (RMS) Loaded Ported Subwoofer Enclosure (2,000 Watts RMS/3,000 Watts Max) Bass Package with Amplifier & Complete Wiring Kit

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Product Highlights


10" Dual Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure

  • Increased Bass: Produces deep and powerful bass, enhancing your listening experience for music on every ride. 

  • Flexibility in Placement: These dual subwoofer enclosures are the perfect size for most vehicles; they can be placed in various locations, such as the trunk or under a seat, without taking up too much space.

  • Customizability: The Stinger Audio subwoofers allow you to adjust the bass level to your personal taste, giving you more control over the overall sound of your vehicle's audio system.

2,000 Watt Class D Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier | MT-2000.1

  • Digital Class-D Mono Block Amplifier: Our Class-D mono amplifier packs a powerful punch with high efficiency and an incredibly small form factor. Perfect for powering your car audio subwoofer system without sacrificing sound quality or performance.

  • Small Footprint and Sturdy Design: Experience total tonal control with our precision metal potentiometer, built to the highest standards for lasting reliability. Fine-tune your sound like never before. 

  • Robust Unregulated Power Supplies: Our power supply circuitry utilizes advanced pulse width modulator integrated circuits designed to provide superior performance and unmatched efficiency. Remote Bass Controller Included: Superior audio control from the comfort of your driver's seat. Our flush-mount knob makes installation easy, allowing you to effortlessly adjust bass levels with just one twist.

  • Designed with Advanced HEXFET® Power MOSFET: Harness the power of innovative engineering and cutting-edge technology with our advanced HEXFET® Power MOSFET. Boasting reduced on-resistance, faster switching speeds, and unparalleled reliability.

  • 500V High Current Impulse voltage capacitor: Special Class X2 aluminum zinc high-frequency capacitor with low loss AC peak surge over-current ability to protect the MOSFET.

  • Direct Insert Power and Speaker Terminals: Decreased resistance for higher power transfer and efficiency.  

Amplifier Wiring Kit

  • Full Copper ConstructionWith its impressive conductivity, this copper wire is able to efficiently transmit electricity, ensuring high performance and reliability.

  • Quality Twisted Pair Interconnects   Designed to provide reliable overcurrent protection, ensuring your devices and equipment remain safe from damage caused by power surges or short circuits.

  • Professional-Grade ComponentsCarefully crafted interconnects to provide exceptional signal transfer, eliminating any unwanted noise or interference.

  • Easy Installation with Included Guide: The kit comes with everything you need to get started and an installation guide that simplifies the process.


    Experience the ultimate powerhouse in bass technology with Stinger Audio's Dual 10" Complete Subwoofer Enclosure Bass Package. This cutting-edge system delivers bone-shaking bass that will awe you and your friends. With the ability to handle up to 2,000 watts of power, the high-quality subwoofers are expertly crafted to deliver deep, rich sound. The package also includes a 2,000-watt amplifier and a 1/0GA copper 2,400-watt wiring kit, providing everything you need for a booming bass experience. Look no further for a mind-blowing subwoofer system!

    What's in the Box


      10" Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure Specifications



      Woofer Size  10"

      Speakers Per Box


      Frequency Response

      25Hz - 250Hz


      87 dB

      Enclosure Type

      Slot Ported

      Enclosure Material

      3/4" MDF


      Black Carpet





      Depth 1 (Bottom)


      Depth 2 (Top)




      Connector Type


      RMS Power


      Peak Power


      Final Impedance

      1 Ω

      Tuning Frequency



      Monoblock Class D Amplifier Specifications

      Number of Channels:



      2000 Watts x 1 Channel


      1500 Watts x 1 Channel

      800 Watts x 1 Channel    

      Bridged RMS Rating / 2Ω Minimum

      3800W x 1

      Signal to Noise (@ CEA Standard)


      Input Sensitivity 0.2-6v



      0.2v - 6v

      Crossover Control, Linkwitz-Riley

      SUB 0Hz - 50Hz (Subsonic)

      LP 40Hz - 180Hz @ 12dB/Oct

      Bass-Boost Frequency Range

      30-80 Hz

      Bass-Boost Q


       Frequency Response (+- 1dB)

      10Hz - 180Hz

      Efficiency (Average)


      Topology Class:

      Class D

      Remote Bass Control


      Operating Voltage

      9V to 16V

      Power Terminals:

      0/1 Gauge

      Speaker Terminal:

      8 Gauge

      Recommended External Fusing


      HEXFET® is a registered trademarks of International Rectifier Corporation.

      1/0GA Wiring Kit Specifications

      Model Number SS2400XS
      Size 0 GA
      Power 2400 Watt
      Translucent Blue Power Wire 17FT
      Translucent Silver Ground Wire 3FT
      Translucent Blue Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect
      Blue Remote Turn-on Wire 16FT
      ANL Fuse 250A 


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