AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool
AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool

AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool





Are you ready to take your audio game to the next level? Look no further than the AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool! This badass kit is the ultimate tool for audio enthusiasts, allowing you to fine-tune your audio system like a pro.

With its advanced real-time analyzer, this kit lets you see exactly what's going on with your audio system, allowing you to make precise adjustments for the best possible sound quality. And with its compact size and user-friendly interface, it's easy to take on the go and use wherever you need it.

The DM-RTA Pro Kit is packed with features that will blow your mind, including a high-resolution LCD display, powerful analysis tools, and the ability to measure everything from frequency response to speaker polarity. And with its rugged design and sturdy construction, you can trust that it will withstand even the most intense audio sessions.

So whether you're a professional audio engineer or just a hardcore music lover, the AudioControl DM-RTA Pro Kit - Real Time Analyzer and Test Tool is the ultimate addition to your audio toolkit. Get ready to fine-tune your system like a boss and experience the best sound quality possible!


  • Real Time Analyzer: AudioControl's DM-RTA is a multi-function audio analyzer designed to tune your audio system for optimal sound quality. The analyzer offers a wide range of functions for fine-tuning car audio, marine audio, home theater installations, and live music venues.

  • App Control: The DM-RTA is designed to work in conjunction with a connected computer or laptop, providing informative graphics and easy control of parameters. When the computer is plugged into the DM-RTA, access to all setup controls and parameters will be available. Configuration can also be done using a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet in conjunction with the included AC-BT24 Bluetooth interface. The AC-BT24 plugs into the Option Port on the DM-RTA and provides a Bluetooth connection for both streaming audio as well as setup and configuration via your smartphone or tablet. This method requires downloading the Audio Control DM app to your device from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Main Functions: The DM-RTA signal analyzer provides five of the most commonly used functions for perfecting your sound, including:

    • Voltage Meter: This will give an accurate reading of the AC voltage of a sine wave audio signal sent into the DM-RTA. The incoming signal must be a pure sine wave generated by either the DM-RTA itself or a test tone CD or audio file played from an external source. Each input should be tested one at a time.
    • RTA (Real Time Analyzer): The RTA display allows you to see the frequency response of your system across the full sound spectrum. This allows you to identify peaks and dips in the frequency response that might need to be adjusted for an even response. Frequencies can be displayed in 1/3rd, 1/6th, or 1/12th octave ranges, while the display speed can be varied with choices of Fast, Medium, and Slow. Up to 6 RTA displays can be stored in memory and recalled.
    • SPL Meter (Sound Pressure Level): This display allows you to measure the sound pressure level of your system using the included microphone. The display indicates the SPL level in dB with the measurement speed being adjustable and a hold function to freeze the current reading. The type of microphone used can be selected, helping optimize the frequency response displayed based on the frequency response of the microphone used.
    • Polarity Checker: Measures the polarity of the speakers in the system using a microphone. One of the audio outputs on the DM-RTA can be connected to the system to play a test signal that can be analyzed. A "plus" icon will indicate in-phase, while a "minus" icon denotes out-of-phase.
    • Oscilloscope: This screen lets you measure the variation of your incoming audio signal level over time, allowing you to inspect the audio signal and identify any potential problems such as clipping. The horizontal Time line display can be adjusted from 1ms to 5ms per division, while the vertical Voltage scale display has three options, 1 volts per division, 2 volts per division, or 5 volts per division. The display can be "frozen" at any time allowing you to take a screenshot of the display.


  • Test Tones: Three test tone signals are available that can individually be sent out from the signal analyzer's various output jacks, Sine, Square, and Pink Noise. The frequency of each tone can be adjusted along with the output level.

  • Phantom Power: The DM-RTA can supply 48V of phantom power to the XLR microphone input, if using a condenser mic that requires external power. This option is available in the configuration app.

  • Internal Battery: A built-in rechargeable battery allows the signal analyzer to be used on location without the need for AC power. The battery can power the DM-RTA for approximately 4 hours and is recharged when the unit is plugged into AC power. 

  • Controls & Indicators: The DM-RTA's top panel features multiple inputs and outputs to cover testing most any audio signal or listening environment.

    • XLR Microphone Input: Used for connecting the test microphone. A corresponding 48V LED indicates if phantom power is being applied to the Mic Input.
    • 1/4" TRS Line-Level Input and Output: These are balanced connections for line-level analog signals. The audio signal to be tested gets plugged into the Input jack and the Output jack passes the audio signal on to the amplifier or other equipment.
    • Options Port: Used for plugging in the included AC-BT24 Bluetooth module. This allows both audio streaming from a Bluetooth enabled device, as well as configuration and control via the DM app.
    • RCA Inputs and Outputs: Allows you to run a pre-amp level signal from a headunit or consumer playback device through the DM-RTA for signal analysis.
    • Stereo Speaker-Level Inputs: A stereo pair of speaker-level inputs can be used for testing amplified signals.
    • Coax/Optical/USB Outputs: These outputs allow you to output Test Tones digitally to additional equipment with digital inputs.
    • Rotary Push-Encoder: This control is used to adjust the Test Tones from the DM-RTA. Pressing the control will increment through octaves while rotating it will control the level.
    • USB: A rear-panel USB type-B port is provided for connecting a computer or laptop running the DM app.
    • Power Switch: Located on the rear-panel, this momentary switch will power the unit on.
    • LED Indicators:
      • Power: Indicates if the unit is on.
      • Charge: Indicates if the internal battery is being charged.
      • USB Activity: Indicates if there's activity between the DM-RTA and a connected computer.
  • CM-20 Microphone: The AudioControl CM-20 calibration microphone is designed to be used with audio analyzers such as the AudioControl DM-RTA. The microphone features a back electret and omnidirectional pickup. It has a wide 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, for accurate measurements. The calibration microphone is terminated with a male XLR jack, for use with the included 15' XLR cable.
  • AC-BT24: The AC-BT24's UART bidirectional interface lets you setup and configure the DM-RTA analyzer. It can also be used to configure the DSP in a compatible Audio Control DM-model processor or amplifier (sold separately). After downloading the DM Smart DSP app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet, simply pair the device to the interface. Once paired, the app will allow complete control of the analyzer parameters.

  • Indicators: Two LED indicators on the top of the Bluetooth interface will light to indicate if the interface is either Streaming audio or in App mode.

  • Additional Features: Featuring Bluetooth version 4.2, the AC-BT24 allows for high-definition low-latency audio streaming directly into a compatible Audio Control amplifier or processor from a Bluetooth enabled playback device. The interface supports aptX HD, for 24-bit / 48kHz audio streaming from devices with aptX codec, and features a dual differential class A-B output stage, offering a signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB. The AC-BT24 has a maximum data transfer rate of up to 3 Mbps with typical rates at approximately 1.6 Mbps. Bluetooth range is up to 33 feet.

    Note: The AC-BT24 does not support Bluetooth hands-free phone calls.

  • Hard-Shell Case: The DM-RTA Pro Kit comes complete in a heavy-duty, hard-shell case with a thick foam interior that's laser-cut to fit the analyzer and included accessories. It includes 2 safety latches, with quick-release tabs and 2 lock holes for securing the case (locks sold separately), as well as a pressure-relief valve. A spring-loaded, rubberized carry-handle adds portability.

  • Accessories: The DM-RTA Pro Kit includes both AC and 12V DC power supplies, for powering the analyzer, along with 2 USB cables (type-A to type-A and type-A to type-B) for connection to a computer. Two dual, spring-loaded test probes are included on 79" cables; one terminated in a 4-pin Euroblock connector for speaker-level testing, the other terminated in a single male RCA connector for pre-amp level signals.

What's In The Box

  • DM-RTA Analyzer
  • CM-20 Microphone
  • AC-BT24 Bluetooth adapter
  • 15' Microphone cable (male XLR on one end / female XLR on other end)
  • 6' USB cable (type-A to type-B / 2.0)
  • 78" USB Cable (type-A to type-A / 2.0)
  • 58" AC Power supply (12VDC/2A output)
  • Lighter adapter w/ attached 58" DC cord
  • 4-Pin Euroblock (Phoenix) connector (pre-installed on analyzer)
  • 2 Test-probes on 79" cable w/ 4-pin Euroblock connector
  • 2 Test-probes on 79" cable w/ single male RCA connector
  • Hard-shell carry-case
  • Audio Control guitar pick
  • DM-RTA User Guide
  • AC-BT24 User Guide

Maximum input level 

Line: 10 Vrms
Speaker: 40 Vrms

Maximum Output Voltage

1/4" Output: 5 Vrms
RCA Output: 5 Vrms

Input Impedance

RCA: 3.24 kΩ
1/4": 3.24 kΩ
XLR: 10 kΩ
Speaker: 16 kΩ

Output Impedance

1/4" TRS: 51 Ω
RCA: 51 Ω
Coax Digital: 75 Ω


+/- 1%

Battery Life

Approximately 4 hours


1.9 lbs






 6.0" (including power cable)


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