Ford Bronco 2-Door (2021-2022) Step-Slider Skid Plate
Ford Bronco 2-Door (2021-2022) Step-Slider Skid Plate
Ford Bronco 2-Door (2021-2022) Step-Slider Skid Plate
Ford Bronco 2-Door (2021-2022) Step-Slider Skid Plate

Ford Bronco 2-Door (2021-2022) Step-Slider Skid Plate


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Experience the power of the game-changing 3/16" steel Step-Slider Skid Plates - the ultimate protection for your 3rd Gen Step Sliders. These skid plates provide unrivaled protection for both the side and bottom of your Step Sliders, ensuring they can handle even the most aggressive trails.

When you're pushing the limits on challenging terrains, Skid Plates become a necessity. These robust plates are prepared to fit your Step Sliders. Using the same brackets, they seamlessly screw into the existing step slider, creating a unified and fortified defense system.

The raw base material undergoes an acid etching process using a state-of-the-art automated powder coat system. This meticulous preparation ensures superior adhesion for the textured black topcoat, providing a sleek and durable finish built to withstand the harshest conditions.

Invest in the 3/16" steel Step-Slider Skid Plates and experience unbeatable strength, seamless integration, and long-lasting performance. Take your off-road adventures to new heights with the confidence that your Step Sliders are safeguarded by the best.


  • RSE Step Slider Protection: Ensures that your RSE Step Sliders are well-protected during off-road adventures. It shields them from potential damage, maintains functionality, and adds an extra layer of durability.

  • 3/16” Steel Construction: The steel in the construction of the skid plate adds an extra layer of reliability and longevity. Steel is known for its ruggedness and resistance to impact, making it an ideal choice for a component that requires maximum defense.

What's in the Box


Powder Coat Textured Black
Made in USA
Install Time
30 Minutes
Fits  RSE Bronco 2 Door Step Slider



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