Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door (2018-2022) Step Sliders 3rd Gen Driver Side Sub Part


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Revolutionize your Jeep access with the 3rd Gen Step Slider - the ultimate access solution! This innovative upgrade features a cutting-edge power step that provides easy access for everyone, regardless of age or height. Plus, with an extra 2 inches on the step's back end, you'll enjoy a more convenient entry to your door.
Check out incorporated features like smart motor technology and removal of the gas strut to guarantee consistent step deployment and retraction, even in the most difficult weather conditions. Thanks to sleep mode, you can say goodbye to battery drainage troubles.
Not just about convenience, this slider also provides unconquerable protection for your Jeep's rocker panel. When you open your door, the step deploys a full 12 inches down, only to retract automatically and sit flush with the body when you close the door.
Crafted with 10-gauge steel construction, stainless steel, and aluminum internals. This step slider will last and withstand the toughest trails. The state-of-the-art automated powder coat system ensures a rugged textured black topcoat, adding style to its durability.
Installation is a cakewalk - no drilling is required! The plug-and-play system utilizes factory mounting points and a stand-alone wire harness, so no splicing or rewiring is needed, allowing you to keep your manufacturer warranty intact.


  • Fully Functional Step and Rock Slider: Combining the functionality of a step and a rock slider is designed to provide easy access to the vehicle while also offering protection from rocks and other obstacles encountered during off-road driving.

  • Smart Motor Technology: A feature used in some step sliders to enhance their functionality and performance. It utilizes advanced motor control systems and intelligent algorithms to optimize the operation of the step slider.

  • Automated Deploy and Retraction: The functionality of automatically extending or retracting a step slider with the use of a motorized system. This feature eliminates the need for manual operation, providing convenience and ease of use for the vehicle occupants.

  • Original Equipment from Manufacturing: Using OEM parts ensures compatibility and integration with the vehicle's existing systems and design.

  • 3/16” Steel Construction: The steel in the construction of the skid plate adds an extra layer of reliability and longevity. Steel is known for its ruggedness and resistance to impact, making it an ideal choice for a component that requires maximum defense.