Ford Bronco (2021+)/F-150 (2018+) Amplifier Integration Interface AmpPRO (B&O A2B Factory Amplified Systems)


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  • 6Ch Pre-Outs: The PAC AmpPRO AP4-FD31 provides a 6-channel pre-amp output for use with aftermarket amplifiers. Using the factory digital A2B audio data in conjunction with data-bus CAN messages, the AP4-FD31 delivers a variable 5V RMS pre-amp output with fading, balance, equalization, and level control capabilities.

  • Toslink Output: The AP4-FD31 can provide a variable 2-channel fiber optic digital audio output (toslink). Toslink fiber-optical cable sold separately.

  • Non-Fading Level Control Knob: Channels 5-6 (Sub) of the AP4-FD31 are non-fading outputs. The output level of channels 5-6 can be controlled using the supplied level control knob. The level control knob includes a 16' cable which plugs into the interface module and should be mounted in an accessible location at the front of the vehicle.

  • Data Controlled Remote Turn-On: A data controlled remote amplifier turn on wire is also provided by the PAC AmpPRO AP4-FD31. The remote turn-on is rated at 2A of current. If more current is needed an external relay must be used.

  • Retained Factory Audio Features: The PAC AmpPRO AP4-FD31 also retains all audio from other vehicle features such as factory Navigation Prompts, Bluetooth, Sync, and Warning Chimes.

  • Minimum & Chime Volume: If the minimum volume of your factory radio is too loud once the AP4-FD31 is installed, you can manually set the level of the minimum volume using either the programming button on the side of the interface or the factory SWC (Steering Wheel Controls) in conjunction with the supplied level control knob. You can also use AmpPRO PC app. You can also adjust the chime volume level.

  • AmpPRO PC App: Using the AmpPRO PC App (for Windows PC only) allows you to configure user interface options such as Minimum Volume Level, Chime Volume Level, and a 3-Band EQ from your Windows computer or laptop. The app can also be used to update product firmware.

    • Minimum & Chime Volume Level: From the app you can set the minimum volume level of the factory radio, as well as the chime volume level.
    • 3-Band EQ: Enables the 3-band EQ (Bass-Mid-Treble) with frequency and Q-factory adjustment. The Bass Frequency can be set to 60, 80, 100, or 120Hz; while the Bass Q-Factor can be set to 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0. The Mid Frequency can be set to 500, 1k, 1.5k, or 2.5k; while the Mid Q-Factor can be set to 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, or 1.5. The Treble Frequency can be set to 7.5k, 10k, 12.5k, or 15k; while the Treble Q-Factory can be set to 0.75 or 1.25.
    • Firmware: The AmpPRO app will also allow you to update the interface with new firmware as it becomes available.
    Note: These AmpPRO PC App settings can be adjusted with the module installed in the vehicle or on the bench. However, it is recommended to make the adjustments with the module installed, and the factory radio on so that the changes can be heard.
  • Dip Switches:

    • Switch 1: ON switches the interface into 2-channel mode. All outputs will be non-fading and all chimes are sent to channels 1 & 2 and the Toslink optical output.
    • Switch 2: ON lowers the RCA output voltage to 4V. Set the dip switch 2 OFF to keep the RCA output voltage at 5V.
    • Switch 3: Not used.
    • Switch 4: This switch gets set to ON if installing the interface in a Mach-E series vehicle, and OFF for all other models.


The PAC Amplifier Integration Interface AmpPRO for 2018+ Ford B&O A2B Factory Amplified Systems is a game changer for car audio upgrades. This advanced interface lets you easily add an aftermarket amplifier to your 2018+ Ford B&O A2B factory amplified system.

The plug-and-play design makes installation easy, while the AmpPRO's programmable features allow the audio system to be customized to your preference.

This interface retains your vehicle's original features and programs, letting you maintain access to SYNC, active noise cancellation, and Active Park Assist. With this interface, your audio system will maintain clear and balanced sound output throughout your vehicle.

NOTE: The factory amplifier must be unplugged or removed when installing AP4-FD31. The included harness provides connections for adding an aftermarket amplifier to the factory-installed speakers.