AudioControl ACX-300.4 4-Channel 300 Watt All Weather Amplifier

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Product Highlights


  • High-/Low-Level Inputs: The ACX-300.4 amplifier has four built-in 12" RCA inputs that can handle both high- and low-level input signals, giving you flexibility for different audio setups.

    • Low-Level Input Range: 500mV - 6Vrms
    • High-Level Input Range: 1Vrms - 12Vrms

  • Input Mode: A 2-way switch allows you to choose whether one pair or both pairs of input channels will be used to power all four output channels.

  • Crossovers: The amp includes two 12 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley high-pass filters with a 3-position switch to adjust the crossover point (80Hz, 120Hz, or Bypass).

  • Gain Maximized LEDs: Each pair of channels on the amp has its own Gain control to set the overall output level. Maximized LED indicators show when the output signal reaches its best performance level, preventing distorted signals to your speakers.

  • GTO (Great Turn On) Signal Sense: If you're connecting the amp to a factory stereo or an aftermarket unit without preamp outputs, the GTO Signal Sense circuitry can turn on the amp when an audio signal is detected and turn it off after a period of no signal input.

  • All-Weather Construction: The ACX-300.4 is built to withstand outdoor environments and has an IPX6 waterproof rating and a removable cover-plate to protect controls and LED indicators from dust and moisture ingress.

  • Wire Harnesses: The amp includes built-in wire harnesses for added weather resistance, covering audio inputs, speaker outputs, power/ground/remote connections, and an option to create a custom power/ground harness.

  • Mounting: Built-in mounting flanges and pre-drilled holes offer versatile mounting options, and the amp comes with screws for mounting.


Experience the ultimate in audio versatility with the AudioControl ACX-300.4 amplifier, featuring four 12" RCA inputs accommodating both high- and low-level input signals, a 2-way switch for customized input channel usage, and precision tuning with Linkwitz-Riley high-pass filters and adjustable crossover points. Maximized LEDs ensure optimal performance levels, while the GTO Signal Sense circuitry automatically activates the amp and conserves power. It is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and boasts an IPX6 waterproof rating, a removable cover plate, and weather-resistant wire harnesses. With versatile mounting options and included screws, the ACX-300.4 is the ideal choice for premium sound performance in any environment.