AudioControl The Epicenter InDash Bass Restoration Processor


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Product Highlights


  • Bass Restoration: Patented circuitry restores missing bass frequencies for a full-range input signal with adjustable control.

  • Para-Bass: Single-band parametric equalizer for bass output, adjustable center frequency, and bandwidth.

  • Balanced Inputs: Cancel noise with a balanced differential input circuit, switchable between balanced and unbalanced.

  • Ground Isolation: Switchable power supply ground to eliminate ground loop noise.

  • Terminal Blocks: Removable power/ground/remote/illumination terminal and speaker level input terminal for easy wiring.

  • Display: Digital display shows input voltage or SPL; peak function holds the highest SPL measured.

  • Illumination: Knob ring lights up with switchable blue or red color, brightness adjustable with dimmer circuit.

  • Mounting: 1/2 DIN chassis can be mounted in-dash or under-dash with included brackets.

  • Connections: Line inputs (stereo RCA jacks) and speaker level inputs (removable terminal block) on the rear panel, line outputs (stereo RCA jacks) on the back panel.


Upgrade your car's bass performance with AudioControl's The Epicenter InDash Bass Restoration Processor. Say goodbye to lackluster bass and hello to a robust and immersive listening experience. This state-of-the-art processor maximizes low-frequency power, bringing out the full potential of your music. With advanced bass enhancement circuitry, every beat and bass note is delivered with clarity and depth. Whether restoring lost bass or enhancing the overall sound quality, The Epicenter InDash has got you covered. Installation is easy, and it seamlessly integrates with any car audio system. Take your music to the next level with The Epicenter InDash Bass Restoration Processor—order now for epic bass that will blow you away.