AudioControl Spike Series 8" 350 Watt (RMS) Single High-Performance Subwoofer | 2-OHM or 4-OHM (350 Watt RMS/500 Watt Max)


Size: 2-OHM
Sale price$199.00

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Experience the ultimate bass with AudioControl's Spike Series 8” Single High-Performance Subwoofer, available in selectable options of 2-OHM or 4-OHM. With its high excursion design, this subwoofer is engineered to deliver ultra-low bass response that will make you feel every beat in your music.

The Spike Series subwoofer is crafted with a fiber matrix paper cone coated with mica, ensuring powerful, distortion-free sound reproduction. The 3-layer high temp voice coil former enables excellent heat dissipation and provides reliable performance even under high temperatures.

This subwoofer also includes a removable grille that protects the speaker from dust and damage while adding an extra layer of style to your setup. Easy to install and designed to fit seamlessly into any car or home stereo system, the Spike Series subwoofer delivers premium sound quality and unmatched performance.

With selectable options of 2-OHM or 4-OHM, you can customize your subwoofer to match your personal preferences and requirements. Whether you're looking for intense, deep bass or a balanced, accurate sound, the AudioControl Spike Series subwoofer delivers.

Upgrade your audio system today with the AudioControl Spike Series 8” Single High-Performance Subwoofer and experience the power of true, immersive bass like never before.


  • Enhanced Low-Frequency Response: This raised excursion allows the subwoofer to produce deep and powerful low-frequency sounds that result in a more immersive audio experience.

  • Greater Output and Volume: A high excursion design allows the subwoofer to move more air, resulting in higher sound pressure levels and increased volume capability.

  • Enhanced Bass Response: The fiber matrix composition, along with the mica coating, helps to improve the overall bass response of the subwoofer.

  • 3-Layer High Temp Voice Coil Former: The multiple layers help to distribute heat evenly, preventing localized hotspots that can degrade performance or cause damage.

  • Dual Damping System: By utilizing multiple damping materials and techniques, it helps to achieve a more linear bass reproduction by controlling the behavior of the subwoofer's cone and suspension.

  • Compression Control: The dual dust cap system helps to control and minimize compression effects within the subwoofer enclosure.

  • Heavy-Duty Motor Design: The robust construction and materials used in the motor assembly enable it to withstand the demands of high-power amplifiers without compromising performance.

  • Removable Subwoofer Grille Included: The grille helps safeguard against physical damage caused by impacts, knocks, or even curious fingers.