Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018) Oculus 7" Switchback Bi-LED Projector Headlights

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Discover the tremendous advancements of the newly launched Oculus™ Bi-LED Headlamp system, now equipped with an exciting additional feature – the switchback amber turn signal function. Prepare to experience a whole new level of automotive lighting innovation.

These cutting-edge headlamps offer advanced LED projection with an impressive 5,200 Lumens of high-quality illumination and enhanced visibility in many weather conditions. No more dim and outdated factory lamps, as the Oculus™ Bi-LED Headlamp system delivers exceptional brightness and clarity.

What sets this system apart is its lower power demands compared to traditional factory lamps, making it energy-efficient without compromising on light output. You can enjoy a significant increase in brightness while optimizing energy consumption.

The added switchback amber turn signal function further elevates the functionality of these headlamps. Your vehicle's turn signals will be enhanced with vibrant and attention-grabbing amber lights, ensuring that your intentions on the road are communicated to other drivers.

Upgrade your vehicle with the Oculus™ Bi-LED Headlamp system and embrace the perfect combination of advanced LED projection, increased visibility, energy efficiency, and the added convenience of the switchback amber turn signal function. Get ready to illuminate your journey with confidence and style like never before. 


  • Precision Beam: The "No Glare" feature helps to minimize the glare emitted by the fog lights, especially when facing oncoming traffic. This reduces the risk of temporarily blinding other drivers, ensuring a safer driving experience for everyone on the road.

  • Easy Plug & Play Installation: This install is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. This saves time and effort, making it convenient for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Halo DRL Featuring Over 200 White LEDs: Offers multiple advantages, including increased visibility, enhanced safety, a stylish aesthetic, energy efficiency, and longevity.

  • Safety: Light focus is essential for driver safety and others on the road who could have their vision obstructed by glare. It is especially significant on lifted vehicles where the light source is raised to a position that interferes with the field of vision of other drivers. These new Oculus headlights feature a very sharp cut-off line and focus light with precision to avoid such issues. 

  • Reliability: Implementing proper thermal management tools for high-performance LEDs to operate with reliability in various environments is critical. Oculus utilizes both active and passive cooling methods to sustain low LED temperatures. Remote mounted heat sinks and internal cooling fans work to provide proper temperature control and longevity of the LEDs.

What's in the Box

  • (2) Oculus™ 7" Switchback Bi-LED Projector Headlights
  • (2) Switchback Turn Signal Y-Splitter Adapters
  • (1) Installation Instruction