Toyota Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner (2012-2021) Squadron-R Fog Pocket Light Kit (SAE Amber)

Toyota Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner (2012-2021) Squadron-R Fog Pocket Light Kit (SAE Amber)


SKU: BAJ447642

Product Highlights


  • Clear View: Provides light precisely where it is needed.

  • Moisture Block: Waterproof, rainproof, and submersible, ensuring durability in all weather conditions.

  • Copper Drive: Ensures the LED is driven at 100 percent capacity, maximizing its performance.

  • 5000K Daylight: Offers a natural color that reduces driver fatigue.


Experience the cutting-edge technology of the next-generation Squadron SAE fog pocket kit for the Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, and Tundra. This road-legal auxiliary fog light is unmatched in the market today. With all-new aspheric projector optics and advanced LED technology, this kit provides a remarkable performance increase in luminous flux of 56% compared to our previous generation SAE model. Each Squadron SAE light delivers an impressive 2,420 lumens with output reaching up to 15,800 candela at only 29 watts. Your safety on the road or trails is our top priority, which is why the Squadron SAE illuminates Zone 1 with a controlled, sharp cutoff, thanks to the combination of our new LED technology and highly efficient aspheric projector optics. These lights are designed to meet the current SAE J583 fog lamp requirements and fully comply with on-road regulations. The innovative design ensures a highly controlled light pattern with a sharp cutoff, making them the ideal choice for driving through dust, fog, and inclement weather. Upgrade your visibility and drive confidently using the next-generation Squadron SAE fog pocket kit.

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