Jeep Wrangler JL/Gladiator JT Vector Pro Series Full LED Grille


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Introducing the revolutionary Vector Series Grill for the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT. This cutting-edge replacement grill features integrated LED light emitters for both Low Beam and High Beam, along with a Dynamic LED DRL. Designed to meet the demands of Jeep owners, this grill combines aggressive styling with rugged durability. The new PRO-SERIES edition takes it a step further by enhancing the quality and durability of the LED DRL Modules. These modules are now robotically sealed, boasting an impressive Ingress Protection Rating of IP68. This ensures that moisture is kept out, even when exposed to pressurized water spray or brief underwater submersions. Additionally, the DRL modules are now hardware-mounted, making them easier to remove for grill painting and maintenance. Upgrade your Jeep with the ultimate in functionality and reliability.


  • Adjustable LED Emitters: Each LED emitter in the Vector Series Grill can be independently adjusted. This allows for precise positioning of the beam of light on the road without blinding oncoming traffic. This feature is particularly important for lifted Wranglers.

  • Driving and Low Beam Lights: This design ensures proper light distribution and provides optimal road legal light coverage. With this setup, drivers can have confidence in the visibility provided by their Jeep's lighting system.

  • Impressive Lighting Performance: The Vector Series Grill boasts a 5,600 Combined Lumen (Raw Lumens) Low Beam with advanced optics. This technology ensures precision lighting without creating glare that can blind oncoming traffic. Additionally, the High Beam offers a powerful 7,200 Combined Lumen output, ideal for illuminating any dark landscape.

  • Easy Installation: The headlight wiring connection is "Plug and Play," thanks to the included harness adapter that plugs directly into the factory socket. Plus, the DRL module is wired into the vehicle's fuse box using the included fused wiring adapter. 

  • Integrated LED Daytime Running Light (DRL): These lights enhance the overall appearance of the Wrangler but also increases driver safety by making the vehicle more visible to other drivers on the road. The DRL also features a unique "startup sequence" Dynamic LED display, adding a touch of style to the front end of the Jeep.